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These tests test the -o-object-fit and -o-object-position properties as implemented in Opera.

Opera supports these properties for bitmaps, SVG and video in <img>, <video>, <object>, <input
type="image">, <svg>, <svg:image> and <svg:video>.

Opera's implementation does not exactly match http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-images/#object-fit
The differences are as follows:

== Values ==

Two additional values are supported:

    The initial value. Is used to retain backwards compatibility -- traditionally bitmaps and SVG
    render differently in <object>, so to remain the status quo, a new value was needed.
    Choose a method of scaling the content based on its type and element. The following table gives
    the rendering for each type:
    Content         | Used value
    bitmap          | -o-object-fit: fill
    SVG in <img>    | synthesize a viewbox if none is specified (if possible ) and respect
                    | preserveAspectRatio
    SVG in <object> | if a viewbox is provided, respect preserveAspectRatio; otherwise,
    or <svg> 	    | -o-object-fit: none; -o-object-position: top left
    video           | -o-object-fit: contain

    Viewbox synthesis is not possible when SVG width and height are specified as percentages.
    When rendering SVG with the property -o-object-fit set to 'auto', the -o-object-position
    property is ignored, and SVG's own preserveAspectRatio attribute will take effect instead.

    This value was present in earlier drafts. Doesn't scale the object.

== Inheritance ==

-o-object-fit and -o-object-position are *not* inherited.

== Known bugs ==

   * -o-object-fit doesn't work for <embed> and <canvas>.
   * overflow: visible doesn't work for <video>.
   * overflow: visible doesn't work for the outermost <svg> element, but it continues to work for
     other SVG elements. 
   * -o-object-fit: contain currently will clip at image edges (for SVG).