Cookie tests

As tests use redirects which set cookies, they must be followed from the URLs listed here. Accessing the end URLs directly makes the results invalid.

Positive functionality

  1. Standard Cookie (sent)
  2. Standard Cookie 2 (sent)
    Needs cookie 2
  3. Expires/Delete (set, then old expiry set)
  4. Path (sent to correct path, not to parent folder
  5. Secure - unavailable, will be made available with the setup of a secure server
  6. Max Size (at least 4096 bytes allowed)
  7. Max Number Per Server (at least 20 allowed)
  8. Update (set, then change value)
  9. Header/Javascript equivalence (set, check header == JS, change through JS, check header == JS again, using cookie 2)
    Needs JavaScript
  10. HttpOnly (script cannot access)
    Needs JavaScript
  11. Encoding (UTF-8 in cookies)
  12. Domain (only sent to proper domain)
  13. Persistent (through restarts)
    Needs restart
  14. Purge old (set a bunch, reload the first, set a bunch more and verify that the first cookie was not the first to be purged - this is optional for implementors)
  15. Overwriting (set the same cookies in a subdirectory and outside)
  16. Order (cookies with more specific paths sent first)
  17. HttpOnly & XHR (XHR cannot access)
    Needs JavaScript

Cookie preferences

  1. Disable cookies
    Needs UI
  2. Site Specific Preferences
    Needs UI

Cookie 2 fields

  1. Path
    Needs cookie 2
  2. Domain
    Needs cookie 2
  3. Max-Age
    Needs cookie 2
  4. Discard
    Needs cookie 2 and restart
  5. Comment and CommentURL
    Needs cokie 2 and UI
  6. Port
    Needs cookie 2

Error handling and extended tests

  1. Expires
    Needs restart
  2. Path
  3. Version
    Needs cookie 2
  4. Domain
  5. Max-Age
  6. Cookie 2 Attribute Return
    Needs cookie 2
  7. Port
    Needs cookie 2
  8. Other
  9. Other for cookie 2 attributes
    Needs cookie 2
  10. Quoting
  11. Quoting with multiple cookies
    Needs cookie 2


  1. $-Cookies (Regular)
    Might need deletion of all cookies first
  2. $-Cookies (In presence of cookie 2 cookies)
    Needs cookie 2 and deletion of all cookies first
  3. Cookies with spaces
  4. Multiple lines per header line